What to Pack


Bring seven days worth of comfortable, modest, weather appropriate, everyday cloths. You will also need a:  jacket, flashlight, towel, beach towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower shoes, shower bag, tennis shoes, long pants (for horseback riding), modest swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray,  small backpack to carry stuff with them, water bottle, pillow, bedding, and Bible. 


Campers will need to bring their own bedding.  Camper cabins have bunk beds with twin mattresses. Bring: a pillow and sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets. 

What not to Pack


One of the goals is to allow campers to rejuvenate by connection with nature and the people around them. For this reason, we invite campers to unplug from their electronic devices at NSC. Campers should not bring any electronics to camp. Including but not limited to: cell phones, computers, music players, DVD players, and game systems.  

Please don't bring to Camp

Firearms, fireworks, alcohol, drugs, weapons, tobacco of any kind, clothing with profanity, electronics, kitchen appliances, or pets.

NSC is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.