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From the Director

North Star Camp director

North Star Camp (NSC) is full of natural beauty, whether experienced on horseback or wakeboard, the woods and lake tell the story of our amazing Creator. NSC offers campers a week to engage with the world around them, and while they are discovering new friends, developing their talents, and trying new things, everything points us back to living a full life in Christ.

To ensure campers have the best experience, safety is a top priority. Staff training covers: first aid, safety procedures, emergency drills, and certifications. Beyond physical safety, staff also receive training in bully prevention, classroom management, and conflict resolution. And while it may seem like the instructor is simply coaching a camper up the rock wall, activities provide amazing mentorship opportunities as campers learn how to safely conquer challenges and support people around them.

Morning classes are designed to help students learn new skills, and afternoon rotations let everyone at camp experience a bit of everything. Evening worship time wraps up the day as campers sing praises to God and connect with the message of God’s love for us.

This is going to an amazing summer! Won’t you join me on this adventure?

Shelina Bonjour

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