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Wish List
Help us finish camp renovation projects by donating today!


General Donation

We are always looking for ways that we can improve our camp. If you would like to give a non-specific donation please click the link below. 

Barber Tools

Maintenance Building

Replace Maintenance Building with a new steel pole barn and locate it away from the Girls’ Village. Include space heater, water, and electrical service. 

Total cost = $34,500

NSC Utility shed.jpeg

Storage Sheds

Build small storage sheds for activity areas such as ski/tubing dock, swim area, archery, etc. 

Total cost = $2,300 each 

Emmerson House.jpeg

Emmerson House

Complete the remodeling of the house and garage exterior. Replace the damaged siding, window seals, aging roof and deck to match the look and feel of the new buildings.

Siding = $34,000
Roof = $23,000 (steel roofing)

Windows and Doors = $14,000
Deck = $9,000

Image by Mike Benna


Install sidewalks, patio spaces, and natural plants between Polaris Hall, Donna Ward Lodge and the driveway.

Total cost = $17,000 

North Star Camp Sign.jpeg

Camp Entry Sign 

Replace our existing sign with a new stone and steel sign to highlight the entry of our camp.

Total cost = $5,700


     Thank you for your contributions!

Polaris Hall.jpeg

Polaris Hall

Complete the remodeling of the exterior of this building by updating the siding and roofing materials to match the new buildings.

Siding = $29,000
Roof = $17,000

Girl Camping

Group Campsites

Clear and grade group tent campsites for Pathfinder and other large tent camping groups. Also dig a well for water access.

Total cost = $5,700

Black & White Microphone

Sound System

Install a new sound system for the meeting space in the Donna Ward Lodge to support summer programming, as well as ,full capacity meeting events. 

Total cost = $2,300

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